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Milvali Salon & Cosmetics

Milvali Salon & Cosmetics

milvali hair extensions

Do you ever wish that your hair was longer or fuller? Does your hair get to a certain length and seems as if it stops growing? If so, hair extensions could be the answer! Today, a girl needs more than just volumizing products and a teasing comb to get fuller hair! Wearing extensions isn't just for movie stars, they're for everyday gals that want to add volume or length. You can get beautiful highlights, added body or go for the glamour and have long luxurious hair-all in a few hours!

micro-link pricing

   16 inch                       $6-7.00 per extension 

   18 inch                       $7-8.00 per extension

   20 inch                       $8-9.00 per extension

   22 inch                       $9-10.00 per extension

   16" curly                   $7-8.00 per extension

   18" curly                   $ 8-9.00 per extension 


Micro-link extensions are individually applied with a copper link and are reusable for up to a year .The sections are precise and the color-matched links lie flat so they are undetectable. There is no heat, glue, solvents, sewing or adhesive used in this method. The hair is custom ordered, for length, color & texture and can be worn for up to 12   weeks.

tape-in pricing

   10" natural wave               $10.00 per tab 

   12" natural wave               $12.00 per tab

   16-18" natural wave        $14.00 per tab

   20-22" natural wave        $18.00 per tab

   16-18" straight                  $15.00 per tab

   20-22" straight                  $18.00 per tab

   curly hair                                add $1 per tab


Tape-In extensions are applied by "sandwiching" your hair in-between two thin wefts of hair extensions using surgical grade tape. The placement and sectioning of each weft is precise. Tape-In extensions can be worn for up to 6 weeks and are reusable for up to custom ordered and individually color matched giving you a seamless blend.

get a consultation.

  It is important for your stylist to understand your lifestyle and expectations from extensions. It is also important for you to ask any questions regarding the hair, the method and caring for your extensions. During your consultation, you and your extensionist will determine which method is right for you, how long your extensions can be worn.

what about the hair?

One of the top mistakes women make when it comes to extensions is getting cheap hair. Don't do it! The hair you want  should be 100% Remy Human Hair, which is the only hair Milvali uses. With so many methods and hair suppliers in the industry today, it's hard to know and trust all of the information out there. We can assure you that the hair we use has gone through quality control measures and is designed to be worn again and again which makes it a great investment. 

do your research.

When researching a salon, make sure that the extensionist is   experienced. At Milvali, our extensionists know what it's like to do two sets of extensions per day, as opposed to two sets of extensions per month. Our reputation for extensions is outstanding. Our extension stylists have many years of experience in applying, color matching, blending, cutting and styling extensions. Every Milvali extensionist goes through an extensive in-house training program to ensure consistency.

Allure Magazine named Deb Monti, co-owner of Milvali Salon, one of the top ten extensionists in the country.

Milvali won "Best Hair Extensions" for 4 years in a row from SF Chronicle's BayList.

The Best Salons in San Francisco:

#2 Milvali Salon & Cosmetics SF

For the longer, thicker hair that nature didn't give you, head to Milvali on Union Street. It's consistently ranked among the best salons for extensions in the city, and Allure even declared co-owner Deb Monti one of the top ten extensionists in the country. http://sf.racked.com/maps/the-best-salons-in-san-francisco-mapped/