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Milvali Salon & Cosmetics

Milvali Salon & Cosmetics

beauties, have you tried tinting?

Brows and Lashes

   You must never underestimate the power of the brow.

   So, while your cleaning up your brows, try a tint. While  

   your at it, tint your lashes and skip the mascara!

       brow arch                                    $21

       lip wax                                          $10   

       chin wax                                      $10 and up

      brow tint                                       $19

      lash tint                                         $23

      brow arch &  tint                        $36

      brow & lash tint                          $38

       Trio                                                $43


get your glow on!

Eminence Custom Facials

   Reveal your natural beauty, pamper your skin, clear your  

   mind and take time for yourself. Jessika and her team of 

   estheticians will get you glowing in no time.

  one hour custom                           $95

  90 minute custom                         $125

  chair demo of eminence             complimentary

  teen facial                                        $75

  series of 4 Teen facials               $250

  back facial                                        $115

skirt season is always in season.

Body Waxing

We use only the finest Italian wax that gets the job done with the least amount of irritation to your skin.  Every esthetician at Milvali is trained thoroughly and has years of experience.

   basic bikini                                    $38

   brazilian bikini                              $55 & up

  full legs                                            $80 & up

  full legs & bikini                            $90 & up

  lower legs                                       $40 

  full arms                                          $44

  underarms                                      $20