What sets our hair extension service apart? 

Education. All of MILVALI stylists have been trained in the MONTI method which means your extensions will be installed with no tight tension, no over-direction and with equal weight distribution. Our methods are comfortable, natural looking and best of all, damage-free.

What sets our hair apart?

Our hair is ethically-sourced, single donor, Indian Remy hair that is graciously offered and gently processed. We think that's a big deal! Healthy, shiny, reusable and delivered in their natural texture make them the best choice. 3 Methods, 4 Textures, 25 Colors. CHECK IT OUT

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Wefts are one of the trendiest methods right now because of how undetectable they can be. We modified the application method to give you a comfortable, damage-free installation that can last for up to 8 weeks. Monti's Waterfall Beaded Weft method creates a stronger foundation and better support than other weft methods for longer wear and comfort. Our Waterfall weft technique can be used with Hand-tied or Machine wefts for customized installs.

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I-Tips are one of the most versatile methods in the extension world and a favorite at Milvali.

Why, you ask? For so many reasons:

They can be worn up to 12 weeks, they have 1 : 1 equal weight, they are safe for fine hair, there is full rotation of each individual extension, you can use any products, you can run your fingers completely through your hair from scalp to ends, there is no heat, glue or solvents used to attach or remove them and they are lightweight and best of all- they are so comfortable.

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Tape-In extensions are one of the quickest extension methods around which makes them one of the most popular.

Just a few "sandwiches" give tons of volume. They can be worn up to 6 weeks and are reusable many times. A great choice for gals with thick hair. But don't worry, we offer a single sided method for those with fine hair but prefer a Tape-In installation. It's all about equal weight.

Cranial Prosthetics

If you experienced hair loss, we can help you.  A cranial prosthesis is not an uncomfortable beauty supply wig made from irritating materials. It is a custom-made piece designed to fit securely and blend with your scalp and hairline. Whether you need a full or partial prosthesis, we can give you your hairstyle back! Our pieces are installed discreetly, can be brushed in any direction and are color matched expertly for an undetectable style.

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Deb Monti, co-owner of Milvali Salon- with locations in both San Francisco and Mill Valley - is an award-winning extensionist whose salons have been top rated by Allure, Racked SF, Short Cuts, Mane Addicts and San Francisco Magazine, and ranked "Best Hair Extensions" year after year in the San Francisco Chronicle's A-List.

Since 2002 Deb Monti has been passionately practicing the art of hair extensions and in 2016, Monti decided it was time share her tips and tricks and train stylists in the proper way to service extension clients for damage-free installs using superior quality hair. So, she designed a program to educate stylists in thorough extension education, created an honest hair extension line that is truly the best hair on the market, and curated a team of talented professional educators.

 “I was meeting so many women with extensions that were applied wrong with low-quality hair. Or extensions that were painful and causing damage. The extension industry was getting such a bad reputation and I felt I needed to do something, so I created Monti Extensions & Academy, an intensive education program for stylists and a superior line of extensions for clients.”

Book a consultation with a certified Monti extensionist and see what extensions can do for you!

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Hair Extension Gallery

Wearing hair extensions should be a pleasant and positive experience.  We will do everything we can to help you understand the hair, the process and how to care for your extensions. If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please reach out.


The hair that we use for our extensions is the highest quality human hair. Since human hair extensions are natural and not a man-made product, we cannot guarantee that the texture and wave will be exactly the same every time you purchase new hair. Nor can we guarantee that the extensions will be the exact same texture, thickness and wave as your real hair. 


We recommend hot tool styling for a smooth finish, and air drying for a natural wavy finish. (We do not recommend air drying Weft and Tape-in extensions; they should be thoroughly dried at the roots.) Do not blow-dry your extensions on high heat, and always use a heat protector along with a leave-in conditioner. 


Please discuss the following with your extensionist:

• How to brush, style and care for your extensions.


• How important it is to condition your extensions and which products to use.


• If your extensions start to stick together (dread-loc), you need to call ASAP!


• When to remove and replace your extensions and the possible risk of damage to your hair if you do not properly care for your extensions and           remove them by the recommended date.


• When extensions grow out and are reused they will be moved back to the original placement and that causes extensions to look shorter than             they were when you came in, but not shorter than they were when you first had them installed.


• There are no refunds on hair extensions.


• A shampoo and blowout is not part of the removal and replacement appointment;  it is an add-on service.


• Using a flat iron or curling iron on your hair extensions is fine as long as your hair is completely dry, and you use a heat-protecting product!


• There is no guarantee that the texture and wave will be exactly the same every time you purchase new hair. Nor can we guarantee that the                extensions will be the exact same texture, thickness and wave as your real hair. We do not offer straight extensions. They all have varying degrees    of wave.


• It is not recommended that extensions are bleached. We recommend a strand test if they are to be dyed or toned.


• It is recommended that I sleep with my extensions in a low, loose braid. (Never sleep with wet extensions.)


• I understand that it is important to the health of my scalp and hair to have my extensions maintained within the recommended time frame.

                                                    •  E X T E N S I O N S   A F T E R  C A R E  •


Wearing extensions should never be painful. If you are feeling pain that does not subside after 1 day, please call your salon/stylist ASAP. They may feel uncomfortable during the first week but should not be painful.


  • Wearing your hair in a low, loose ponytail while you sleep alleviates the discomfort. No high or tight ponytails for the first 2 weeks.


  • Make sure you hold your hair at the roots when brushing your extensions. Do not brush through a tangle. Pull it apart with your fingers and brush it out starting at the ends.


  • Make sure you have an extension brush with a mix of soft and hard bristles. 


  • Use a leave-in conditioner to protect wet extensions while combing  them out.


  • Thoroughly shampoo your scalp and thoroughly rinse out all conditioner. Use a sulfate-free shampoo if you are wearing Tape-In extensions.


  • Thoroughly dry your hair at the roots. Blow-dry extensions on low or medium heat. Do not blow them out on hot! Use a leave-in conditioner and heat protector before all blow-drying and iron work.


  • If your I-tip extensions start to connect to each other during the grow-out phase (which is common) gently separate them. If they turned into a dread-loc, which could happen-please call your salon/stylist ASAP. There is no damage to your hair if this occurs, it is just uncomfortable and makes styling harder.


  • If you lose a tape-in or i-tip extension, save it. We will install it when you come in for your next appointment.

        When you lose an extension, it is normal to see hairs attached to it with the follicle still on the hairs. This is normal.

        When you naturally shed hair, it sheds with the follicle still attached. 


During removal, you will see a lot of your own hair that has shed during the past weeks of wearing your extensions- this is normal! It is natural shedding that has no place to go because it is “locked” in the attachment.


  • Discuss the “future” length of your hair extensions with your stylist. Remember they could last a year. Once they are cut, they will never be longer and there is no refund.